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"The Peace of the Open Palm, Balanced by a Well Formed Fist."

Shihan Jim Rathbone copyrighted© 1993

The Tracy Brothers: Jim and Al Tracy

Jim and Al Tracy

Al Tracy These two brothers were third and fourth students to receive black belts under Ed Parker in the Pasadena school. They were quite conscientious about their training and kept daily notes. They recorded each technique they learned and a 3 X 5 card and filmed the techniques with an 8mm camera. These provided the material from which the brothers organized Kenpo into today’s belt system. When they opened their own Kenpo School in They also created the trigger names of many of the techniques we still teach, Parker saw the value of this and copied what they had done in their school. That is the reason that Parker's school and Trays schools use different names for the same techniques.


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